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Simultaneous application of cisplatin and static magnetic field enhances oxidative stress in HeLa cell line

Kamalipooya, S. and Abdolmaleki, P. and Salemi, Z. and Jouni, F. J. and Zafari, J. and Soleimani, H. (2017) Simultaneous application of cisplatin and static magnetic field enhances oxidative stress in HeLa cell line. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal, 53 (9). pp. 783-790. ISSN 1071-2690

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In this study, we reported the effects of simultaneous application of static magnetic field (SMF) and cisplatin as an anticancer drug on the oxidative stress in human cervical cancer (HeLa) cell line and normal skin fibroblast cells (Hu02). The cells were exposed to different SMF intensities (7, 10, and 15 mT) for 24 and 48 h. IC50 concentrations of cisplatin were obtained by MTT assay. The cytotoxic effects of combined treatment were studied by measuring the intracellular reactive oxygen species content using flow cytometric method and estimation of membrane lipid peroxidation by spectrophotometry. Statistical analysis was assessed using one-way repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by Tukey's test. Based on the obtained results, the highest and lowest death rate, respectively, in HeLa and Hu02 cell lines was observed at the intensity of 10 mT. Also, we found that membrane lipid peroxidation in cancer cells is higher than that of normal counterparts. SMF potently sensitized human cervical cancer cells to cisplatin through reactive oxygen species (ROS) accumulation while it had small effects on normal cells. The combination of both treatments for 48 h led to a marked decrease in the viability percentage of HeLa cells by about 89 compared to untreated cells. This study suggests that conjugation of both physical and chemical treatments could increase the oxidative stress in HeLa cell line and among three optional intensities of SMF, the intensity of 10 mT led to the higher damage to cancer cells in lower doses of drug.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: static magnetic field lipid peroxidation reactive oxygen species hela cell line cisplatin viability electromagnetic-fields plasma-membrane radical pair apoptosis exposure responses calcium rat DNA modulation
Subjects: R Medicine > R Medicine (General)
Divisions: Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences
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